EOS Weather Instruments is able to provide solutions to a multitude of industries;

Building Automation

Both the EOS-1000 and eSense are ideal units to be used in building automation. The EOS-1000 offers a standard BACNet (over IP) interface which can be connected directly to the building automation network. Important outdoor environmental data for building’s heating and cooling systems can be retrieved from the EOS-1000 which immediately results in a positive return on investment as heating or cooling costs can be reduced.

The eSense unit monitors indoor temperature, humidity and air quality. Depending on the size of the building, multiple eSense units maybe required. . Collecting the data from these sensors will provide building managers with tools to create a better work environment and directly reduce energy costs.

EOS has teamed with CaDe Solutions to provide a more advanced tool specifically designed for building automation. By using the CaDe Solutions software suite, commercial property owners will now be able to connect to a wide range of systems available in commercial properties, specifically HVAC, lighting,as well as in and outdoor shades.

Roadway Monitoring

The EOS-1000 was developed explicitly as a battery operated unit and is ideal as a stand-alone system.. With multiple sensors connected, including the camera and LTE modem, the power consumption of the EOS-1000 is about 15W. At EOS, we can supply a complete system including battery, solar panel and charge controller.

Whether you want a sensor to simply monitor the road temperature or a full suite of sensors including temperature, wind, pressure, visibility, rain, CCTV and many others, the EOS-1000 is the ideal, budgetary friendly solution.


EOS along with its sister company Seacoast Marine, has developed two marine systems. One unitoffers on board ship monitoring and the other unit is optimal for port or shore operations.

On a vessel, data is collectedfrom the EOS-1000 as well as from the various navigational sensors such as GPS and compass. This data will be sent back ashore via the vessel’s satellite system.

On shore, the EOS-1000 can collect data from the standard EOS sensors. Specific to the Marine industry, we offer an option to add a water level (tidal) sensor.  Capturing accurate and precise tidal information is crucial to shipping operations, especially in areas where the tides are unpredictable due to high currents or weather patterns.


 It is integral to the agricultural industry to obtain authentic environmental data. With a changing climate, extreme weather events and micro climates, the need for “precision agriculture” is essential. Whether it is used for pest control, frost prediction, spray assistance, EOS offers a reliable and accurate weather station.

Both the EOS-1000 and the eSense systems can be utilized . The eSense has been successful in greenhouses and the EOS-1000 is advantageous in open fields. EOS can provide a vast array of sensors for the agriculture and horticulture industries.


Many other industries would benefit from the vast amount of data procured from EOS weather stations:

  • Smart Cities
  • Golf Courses
  • Air quality Monitoring