Accurate environmental data is required to make important decisions”

EOS modular all-in-one Weather stations provide highly accurate real time weather and environmental data


The EOS-1000
esense closed
The eSense
The eSense - i



EOS products can be connected to a vast number of sensors, which measurean extensive number of environmental parameters.

Multiple industries

Building, cities, roadside, agriculture, marine to name a few.

Inside or outside

Of course, EOS products can be used for monitoring the environment outside but what about measuring the “environment” inside your building? 


Data is transmitted in real-time back to the cloud or server. Never miss that important weather event.


In today’s connected world, EOS ensures that your data is transferred and stored securely.

Local, Cloud, BACnet, NMEA

Multiple protocols assure that EOS products can be used in your application.

About EOS

Founded in 2016 by Henk van Heuveln in the harsh weather conditions of the North Atlantic, EOS has grown into a company that designs, develops and manufactures their products in-house.From the pcbs to the software, all parts and subcomponents are developed in the EOS lab and factory. This accessibility makes it is easy to adapt to specific customer requirements. As well, the software is all developed by EOS staff, enabling complete flexibility for specialized customer requirements.