High precision Environmental Data


The most compact, durable and powerful Monitoring System

IoT / Industry 4.0

EOS Software is ready for the digital future!


Our hardware and software is designed and built based on the highest standards. All systems are calibrated and tested prior to deployment.

EOS for all Industries

EOS products are modular and adaptable to all different Industries. So far our products are installed in Vineyards, Salt Mines, Tidal Energy projects, Commercial Ships and on top high rise buildings. As some of these locations are challenging to supply the system with uninterrupted power, a Solar / battery solution is available. Also, to get real-time data to the cloud based monitoring software, communication modules such as Wifi, LTE and regular Ethernet are available.

EOS-1000M (marine version)

EOS Weather Instruments has developed an all new comprehensive Marine Weather observation system that is based on the reliable EOS-1000.

Often Weather conditions are observed different offshore than on land. Due to a lack of offshore environmental observation equipment, up-to-date weather conditions are difficult to tell . Therefore, this system was developed based on the customer’s requests to monitor real-time weather conditions while vessels are underway.

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